• Extensions on existing Products
  • Software Tools
Simulation & Data Analysis
  • Data Acquisition Definition/Concept/Setup
  • Data Logging
  • Data Analysis
  • Vehicle Modeling & Simulation
  • Wind Tunnel
  • Rig
  • Static Tests / Test Procedures
  • Damper
Design & Development
  • Layout and Concept
  • Evaluation of Design Variations by Simulation
  • Evolution and Improvement
  • Data Aquisition
  • Data Analysis Courses
  • Simulation
  • Vehicle dynamics courses
  • Training for DATAS Software
  • Vehicle dynamics studies
  • Animation (Technical / Marketing)





With prize winning software, D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. has proven to be a competent partner to develop comprehensive software at the highest level of technology.

For applications, where existing Software-packages are not meeting needs, D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. provides customer specific software developments and extensions.

As well as expanding and developing RaceSim products, D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. can offer the development of bespoke customer exclusive software tools, such as

  • Digital Setup Sheet

  • Digital Running Sheet

  • Automated Data Analysis Routines

  • Lifing Systems

  • Damper Analysis Tools

  • Visualization Tools (4D Aeromap)

  • Static Vehicle Characterization Tools

    • Dynamic ride ht.

    • Roll Stiffness

    • Nonlinear Damping

    • Kinematic Tools

Please see Training paragraph to read more about expanding your software facilities and making its usage more productive


Simulation & Data Analysis



Data Aquisition Definition/Concept/Setup


The first step for valuable data analysis is decent data aquistion. D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. offers Data Aquisition concepts to satisfy ...

From aquistions systems, sensors, wiring, ... to configuration, calibration, maintenance

Don't waste valuable test time without making the maximum use of it....

Task specific configrations and setups for

  • Aerodynamic Tests

  • Tyre Tests

  • Damper Tests

  • Driver Evaluation

  • ...


Data Logging


Use the capabilities of your aquisition system more effectively by setting the right parameters
Make sure you don't find at the end of a test day, that your data aquisition wasn't working properly ... ask for experienced engineers and software tools from D.A.T.A.S. Ltd.


Data Analysis


What's all that data aquistion good for, if those coloured lines are just interesting patterns on the screen
D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. engineers are equipped with knowledge, experience and tools to get more out of the data jungle.




Can you get more for your money than a simulation consultantwho actually understands the software he's working with - No surprise these consultants wrote the software ;-)


Vehicle Modeling


Make more of your software tools by feeding them with an accurate car model.





With decades of experience in various formulas D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. supplies man power, know how, tools and support for all kinds of testing ranging from wind tunnel to dynamic rig tests and from static vehicle characterisation to component testing.





Hydraulic Anti Roll Bar      (Patent Applied For)

Rollbar functioning with hydraulic pipes and pistons


  • quick and easy Stiffness change

  • nonlinear Stiffness possible

  • Rolldamping possible

  • No Interferance with Vehicle Design





Introduction Courses on D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. Software

To get the maximum efficiency while working with the purchased software, courses can be booked for operational training, and can also allow the user a look behind the concepts and technologies used.






From Internet knowledge databases to TV broadcast features, D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. is offering highly advanced technical Animation and Visualisation.

TC feature RTL

For more information please contact

For Motorsport marketing, D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. is offering a full 3D, customer adapted Racecar Model for sponsor sticker layout visualisation.


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