Download RaceAlyzer_Demo

  1. Enter your name, conpany and eMail address to be able to download the RaceAlyzer software.

    email address:

  2. Download the install file "RaceAlyzer_Demo_Setup.exe" (ca. 1.7 MB) by clicking below.


  4. To install the software doubleclick on the downloaded setup file and follow the instuctions.


  6. Run the software. If it doesn't work, you have to download the .Net 2.0 framework from the Microsoft homepage.
    Remember: this download is for free and legal!

  7. a) Download the .Net 2.0 framework:
        Open the internet browser and insert the follow link:
        Click on the website the button "Download". After download install the file named "dotnetfx.exe".

  8. If it still doesn't start, contact Michael Graf.

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