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RaceAlyzer is Now Available
     User Friendly Race Analyzing Software

Taking into account ten years of producing software tools for racing teams , we have created RaceAlyzer. This new software makes the process of handling the race analyzing form the timing screen faster and more convenient. With this software you don't have to write down in every lap the intermediate and laptimes. The software is reading the information directly from the screen and showing them in graphs and tables on the computer. After the race it saves the whole race in a small and easy to handle file.

     Easy to Use Interface

For making the right decision in a short time during the race, you need to see all race information (like lap times, sector times interval times, ...) in a user friendly and understandable layout instead of just in numbers from the live timing screen at the track. That's why the new RaceAlyzer software is specifically designed with a user-friendly interface that allows you to work smarter and quicker. RaceAlyzer shows you the position, the gaps and interval times of the cars you want to observe.

  Key Features
   Live Analysis   Graphic Visualisation

RaceAlyzer shows you the data form the live-timing screen on your PC. Have an easy comparison to other competitors.

RaceAlyzer helps you to find the best strategy solution during the race by visualizing the data of the live-timing screen in better understandable graphs.
   Simple and Fast data handling   Save Time

To make your life easier in writing reports after the race, RaceAlyzer graphs can be included easily in reports. RaceAlyzer has an interface to MS Office programs.

RaceAlyzer helps you save time during and after the race. The software stores the live-timing data imediately on your PC -> no manual transcription.
   Customize Main Window
User friendly

The main user interface can be easily modified, so that the software has the proper team logo and name at the first page. Ask D.A.T.A.S. for more information.

RaceAlyzer is scanning the live timing TV channel at the track, showing the information from the screen in easy understandable graphs.
   Store whole race and replay   Accuracy

With the RaceAlyzer software you can store the whole race in small spaced files. For reports or setup adjustments you can easily replay the race.

RaceAlyzer has been successfully tested by leading professional race teams.

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