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ManagePart is Now Available
     User Friendly Part Management Software

Taking into account ten years of race car handling and organizing questions from our costumers, we have created ManagePart. This new software makes the process of managing all parts of racecars faster and more convenient. This software helps the team not just to keep the mileage of every part up to date. It supports the user to know at every time important properties of all the parts in the cars and in the spare part storage.

     Easy to Use Interface

Keeping up to date the partlist and the mileage of the parts is not a hard job, but using a part management software shouldn't be. That's why the new ManagePart software is specifically designed with a user-friendly interface that allows you to work smarter and quicker. ManagePart shows you the position, the order status and at which event the part was for how long in use. Partlists can also be imported and exported using Microsoft Excel.

  Key Features
   User Friendly Layout   Common Database File

ManagePart has been designed with an intuitive user friendly layout which includes well designed lists and user interface windows.

All partlists and eventlists can be stored in one file allowing for easy storage and sharing.
   Import - Export   Many Usefull Part Properties Stored

ManagePart allows the user to import and export partlists with several informations about the part.

ManagePart stores many different part and event properties, that the user has a detailed overview of the mileage and position of the parts.
   Customize Main Window
Automatic Calculation Of Part Mileage

The main user interface can be easily modified, so that the software has the proper team logo and name at the first page. Ask D.A.T.A.S. for more informations.

By enterning the event and which part was on which car, the software calculates the total mileage and the mileage of the part during the specific event .
   Link with Data Acquisition   Support for Cost Analysis

By extracting the data aquisition channel (gear position) the software calculates automatically the mileage of the parts, especially of the different gears.

The ManagePart Software supports the racing team to have a quick overview about the current spare part storage and its costs. So it helps the race team manager to save money and time.

 ManagePart has been successfully tested by leading professional race teams.


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